Ride the Reindeer-sledge – visit to the reindeer farm

1 Day

Reindeer are an essential part of Lapland’s nature and one of the hallmarks of the north.
They vary considerably in color and size. Antlers are present in both sexes, although in males they are generally larger.

The size of the stages plays a significant role in establishing the hierarchy within the group

They are semi-domesticated deer, which humans have adopted as a pet.
In Lapland, reindeer are still used to pull pulk, traditional Scandinavian sleds. Experience a short tour in a reindeer sled


The reindeer and the reindeer herder wishes you warmly welcome to the reindeer farm! You will get a proper introduction to the world of these calm Arctic animals. You will learn how they are harnessed for the drive and you yourself will also get ready to seen driven through the trail while sitting in a sledge. Reindeers walk slowly in the forest for 400m route back where you started, and you will receive a reindeer driving license. After the ride you can try how the suopunki, a Lappish lasso, works in catching the reindeer. You can also treat your reindeer with their favourite snack and take a photo with. In the cosy kota you will hear stories about the life with the reindeers and enjoy a hot drink with a sweet bun.
Tour Duration: 2 hours programm.
Price 120€ / adults and children 4-12 year 80€.

Enter your reservation with a message (0465795155) e-mail: simona@oldpinehusky.com


Day 1 :

Tour Duration: 2 hours programm - includes snacks and ab. 30 min travel time by car.
Price 110€ / adults and children 4-12 year 70€.


  • A snack with drinks is included

2-15 people

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