The Old Pine Husky Lodge husky farm in Lapland is situated in Honkamaa, an area of the Keminmaa municipality in Finnish Lapland, with elevation around 80 m on sea level surrounded by old pine forests. We are located around 30 minutes from Lautiosaari and Tervola, 45 minutes from Kemi, 1h from Tornio and Haparanda, 1h30 from Rovaniemi and Oulu.

The varied terrain and isolated position, yet only 30 minutes from Kemi airport and 40 minutes from the major Kemi railway station and city center, make our place ideal for a romantic weekend or short stay with friends or in a group.

Transfer available on request:

Honkamaantie – Kemi Airport. 1-4Person=90€. 4-8Person=110 €

Honkamaantie – Kemi Train Station. 1-4 Person=105€. 4-8 Person=125€

Honkamaantie – Rovaniemi. 1-4 Person=290€. 4-8 Person=345€

Honkamaantie – Oulu 1-4 Person=345€. 4-8 Person=430€

Honkamaantie – Keminmaa 1-4 Person=95€. 4-8 Person=115€

Honkamaantie – Tornio 1-4 Person=135€ 4-8 Person=165€

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