Our husky dogs are ready to welcome you to the Old Pine Husky farm in Lapland!

The Old Pine Husky Lodge is a small, family-run husky farm in Lapland. We are located in the Keminmaa municipality, in southern Lapland. We proudly keep siberian huskies, Alaskan malamutes and Greenlandic huskies. We have around 30-40 dogs (the number varies slightly as new puppies are born all the time and we usually sell the older dogs out in order to focus on working dogs.

We normally sell dogs that are around 9-11 years old. Having lived outdoor all their life, these dogs are usually very healthy and can live very long compared to similar sized dogs. They can become very nice company animals in the last part of their life, although they still love moving around and running.

Our huskies enjoy the quiet and isolated environment that characterises the old forest of Honkamaa that surrounds our husky farm in Lapland. They are fed the highest quality specialistic food from the best producers, other than most leftovers from our restaurant. During the cold season we increase the amount of food we give and complement with high-protein, high-fat additions (such as eggs, fish, moose bones and meat, and so on. During the times when we are not open to the public we let the dogs roam free in shifts in a secluded area of our kennel even in the warmer season.

The cold season starts in September with moderate training done by pulling a bicycle or a light vehicle. As the temperature drops and the shape of the dogs builds up we increase the training frequency and the level of the exercise, until they are ready to start the sledge pulling season in November or December. As the season may last anywhere between 3 and 5 months, we need to balance the exercise throughout, in order to keep the shape at the optimum until the snow melts in April or May.

Our professional team of mushers avail themselves of veterinaries from the area in order to keep the health of the dogs under strict monitoring.

Our dogs are used to having people around them and are normally very friendly. We arrange regular guided visits to our husky farm in Lapland, also for private groups. Do contact us by email in order to arrange an appointment.