Our project was born in 2017, from an idea of ​​Alessandro, who had been working and living in Finnish Lapland for many years, and from the desire to move and start a new adventure of Simona and Massimiliano. In 2018 the transfer of Simona begins and after leaving work, friends and family she moves to Keminmaa, where with Alessandro she begins a year of projects and ideas for the realization of the dream that finally begins to come to life in the autumn of 2019, after many obstacles and fatigue. In December 2019, with the arrival of Massimiliano too, our first winter season officially begins in the company of our dog friends, the first safaris, the first excursions, difficulties and fears.

Unfortunately, a small dream that lasted only a few months, when in the spring of 2020 Finland, like the rest of the world, was forced to undergo the closures and total restrictions due to Covid. We hold on until the summer of 2020, when, despite the Finnish borders closed for tourist reasons, we decide to try our luck by betting everything on our small restaurant, initially used only for tourists who came on dog safaris during the winter, converting it to an Italian café-pizzeria open to local customers.

Fortunately, this idea not only allowed us to survive the following winter, but above all to make ourselves known by the locals who still love and appreciate us today. All obviously without ever abandoning the initial project of our dogs, but rather trying to increase, going from about 20 dogs in the winter of 2019, to almost double the number of dogs to date.

Our farm currently has about 45 dogs

In December 2021 the renovation of our small hotel was completed, currently we have 6 rooms available for a total of 16 beds.