At the Old Pine Husky Lodge we offer year round activities centered on our husky dogs and on the secular forest that surrounds our lodge

Aerial view of the Old Pine Husky Lodge (picture by markku kasala)

Husky sled safari

This is definitely the highlight of any visit to Lapland during the winter season!

We start with sled safaris as soon as there is enough snow on the ground (usually between November and December) and we continue until the springtime melt season (usually at some time in April).

We normally offer safaris of various lengths (the most popular being by far the shortest ones).

The 15′ safari is suitable even for small children and is a great way to experience the wonderful nature pulled by our experienced huskies The 30′ safari is a little more demanding and requires good tolerance to cold and normal physical shape This safari is not suitable for children.

Longer safaris can be arranged upon request and are more physically demanding For all safaris we can provide overalls and shoes that protect you from the cold.

Husky sled safari (picture by Giovanni Gambacciani)

Snowshoeing and walking with dogs

Dogs are great walking companions in all seasons! The Honkamaa forest is ideal for walks as the bushes are not overgrown and the landscape is varied and colourful.

You can spot several different kinds of trees or pick up berries and the occasional mushroom (we will happily consult you in case you are not sure about identifying them).

This activity lasts usually between one and two hours and can be customized upon need We also have pram and wheelchair friendly routes. Prices start €30/adult and €20/child.

Walking with dogs is a family activity!


Rogaining is an outdoor activity that originates from Australia. We play rogaining by searching for flags in our forest. This is not orienteering so we don’t compete and everyone is free to decide on the route. You can also skip some of the flags if you do not feel like it. Prices start €15/person.