Our farm & Dogs

All our dogs are out for adoption!

We are immensely proud of what we do, and we pledge to keep our dogs always fit, healthy and happy, to the best of our capability.

The costs of keeping a dog and training it across a year amount to around €1000-1500. Having around 30 dogs is an expensive activity! Safaris normally pay for the running costs and salaries. This is the business model we have built our company upon.

However, recent travel restrictions have reduced our forecast income from safaris by up to 90%. In order to ensure that dogs are not affected by this reduction, and neither are the loving hands that take care of them, we have launched an adoption programme.

Here is how it works: you pay us a fraction of your choice of the running costs for a dog (normally this amounts to anything between €20 and €50 a month), and in exchange you get a discount on safaris, accommodation and meals at our lodge. In case the dog you have adopted is female and has puppies (or is male and becomes the “dad” of puppies), you have the right to choose one of the puppies’ names. When the dog you have adopted retires from sledge pulling (usually around 10-12 years of age) you can keep him or her as a company dog for the last years of his or her life. Usually huskies are very healthy and can live long, up to 15 years in some cases.

Right after adoption we send you a certificate and we commit to keeping you regularly updated on the dog’s health and life, with pictures, videos and other material. You are welcome to visit your dog anytime, prior to agreement with us.